CHILE not your average country.

After 10 or 15 years of service, most of the officers and NCO´s of the Chilean Armed Forces are leaving the services in an effort to find higher salaries among their civilian counterparts. These recent events have generated a vast database of highly trained, well educated, bilingual young professionals ready for deployment overseas.

However, the possibility to work for the United States government in exchange of a permanent resident status it is a highly attractive professional and personal opportunity for the Chilean professional. Today, and by sharing the same traditional values, Chile it´s probably the most pro-western nation in Latin America. With a booming economy and with the most stable and reliable form of democratic government in the region, Chile it is consider by the experts in Washington, DC to be the best place to invest in Latin America. The reason behind the stunning success of the Chilean society? Its people and its highly trained, reliable and professional Armed Forces.

Chilean Commandos, Marines and Paratroopers are unique professionals. Loyal, brave and highly disciplined the Chilean Special Forces are considered to be among the best trained and most efficient military organizations in the world.

By working under contract for private U.S. and British security corporations, more than 3,000 Chilean former SOF operators provided 7 years of protective details, Route Reconnaissance and Convoy Security for many U.S. and European government officials as well as Static Site security services to U.S. Government facilities and corporations throughout Iraq and Afghanistan. Up to this date not a single Chilean life has ever been lost.