Tactical Training:

LOF provides Mobile Training Teams (MTT´s) that travels to the host country and support , on the ground , the military training and modernization process of the client´s government security Forces.

Basic Military Training:

- Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Riverine and Jungle training.
- Basic and advanced Jungle Patrolling techniques and Irregular Warfare.
- IED recognition and countermeasures (Roads and buildings)
- Tactical Pistol (Basic, intermediate and advance courses)
- Tactical Assault Rifle (Basic, intermediate and advanced courses)
- Light / Squad Automatic machinegun (Basic, intermediate and   advanced courses)
- Close quarter battle (CQB) and Military Operations in Urban Terrain   (MOUT)
- Sniper / Counter sniper operations and jungle techniques.
- Convoy Operations / Counter Ambush Techniques (driving and PSD   courses)
- Advanced Counter Guerrilla / Counter Insurgency Jungle Courses

National Police Basic Training:

- Police Use of Force and Human Right Training
- Restraint and Control (Handcuff, baton and pepper spray)
- Surveillance/Counter Surveillance
- Hostage Rescue
- Firearms Skills (Handgun, carbine, SMG)
- Dynamic Entries / Covert Entries
- Vehicle Assaults / Linear Assaults (bus, train, aircraft)
- Mechanical Breaching / Ballistic Breaching - Urban Combat   Methodology (CQB)
- Medical and Trauma Training