With a vast database of recently retired and highly skilled professionals LOF Consulting and Military Training divisions provide allied and western governments with thousands of professionals ready to assist with strategic advisory, modernization and tactical training services. Our Mobile Security and Training Teams can be immediately activated and implemented upon clients request. The Chilean Armed Forces have an impressive arsenal of modern F-16D fighters, Leopard 2 tanks, Super Puma helicopters and advanced U.S. and European weapon systems. Accordingly, LOF have been recruiting pilots and maintenance crews that are now retiring from active duty and looking for new job opportunities in the private industry.

Our service approach is focused to support and enable our clients to understand their critical risks, identify priorities, and make informed choices about where to invest limited defense funding and resources to manage and reduce those risks. LOF extensive prior operational experience training military forces in unstable and volatile parts of the world provides us with a unique capability to support our clients at a strategic level in these environments.