Specific Advisory Services:

Government & Public Policy Practice:

LOF Strategic Advisory Services (LAS) collects, analyzes, and interprets information that is mission-critical to national political and military leaders and government agencies worldwide.

he LOF Government & Public Policy Practice provides the local host government with consulting services on issues ranging from terrorism, counterinsurgency, guerrillas and geopolitical stability to security best practices, human rights and defense / homeland security trends. Government clients gain essential support of their strategic objectives concerning Open Source Intelligence, Special Studies, Procurement Support, and Workshops/Gaming.

Special Studies

- Threat Assessments
- Policy Analysis
- Order of Battle (ORBAT) Studies on guerrilla and enemy formations.
- Regional / Country Military Assessments
   Procurement Support

- Technology and new equipment Assessments
- Budget & Funding Analysis
- RFP Support (Request for Proposal)
- Bid Analysis and decisional matrix.
- Workshops/Gaming
- Alternative Futures Analysis